Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bites and Pieces

Cambridgeshire Wine School Launch Party

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch party for Mark Anstead's Cambridgeshire Wine School. The party took place in the fabulous 12A Club in central Cambridge last night. Mark gave a great introduction to the school; the guest of honour, food journalist Tim Hayward, made food-obsessed Cambridge residents feel very good about themselves and personal chef Frank Boddy cooked up a storm on a tiny hotplate. Several prizes were up for grabs via various games and prize draws and I was the lucky recipient of the beautiful bottle above. I'm already booked in for this Champagne tasting in July - I couldn't resist!

Lots of photos of the launch on Jean-Luc Benazet's photoblog here.

Special word for @OliTrainor - amazing bar man (mixologist?) at 12A who made me an outstanding martini (Sipsmith gin and two fat olives - heaven) and was happy to discuss the finer points of martini making for ages. It has inspired me to get out the graduated cylinder and do some research of my own into the science of the perfect martini. I will share in due course....

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