Friday, 13 April 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

Hurrah for Frozen Raspberries!
How to handle cocktail emergencies: Lesson One

It might have been a very long week in work. Or, like me, you might have spent all week suffering from the shock of returning to work after a long weekend.  Anyway, you arrive home, exhausted and thirsty, on Friday evening and the contents of your fridge look something like this...

Keeping a well stocked liquor supply is not something I struggle with. Indeed, I have several bottles of Bacardi in the house currently due to a duty free special I was unable to pass by!  Depending on your preference you will replace some things reasonably often: Gin/Vodka/Bacardi, while others will hang around forever getting dusty: Apricot Brandy/Creme De Menthe/Weird berry liquer you got as a present three Christmases ago. 

Mixers, however, are another story; they go off, they go flat and they run out unhelpfully quickly.  Making sure you're prepared for your Fabulous Friday Cocktail of choice can require a significant amount of forethought.  Realising, as you walk in the front door on Friday evening, that your recipe requires Pomegranate seeds or fresh lychees can rather scupper proceedings.

This is why the Gastronomic Girls say "Hurrah for Frozen Raspberries!"  These delicious, inexpensive, and wondrously pink berries will hang out for ages in your freezer until just that moment when you're thinking "Drat, I forgot the Kumquats!"  

Frozen raspberries are a cocktail saviour for a number of reasons.  Firstly, they make very pretty, pink cocktails, which I am always a fan of.  They do part of the job of ice cubes - very handy if another thing you forgot to do this week was refill the tray.  They defrost really quickly so they can be easily muddled while involving little waiting time for your drink.  Finally, they are also very tasty in porridge, so, you can pretend that the real reason you have them in your freezer is for healthy-eating purposes! Bonus!  It is also worth noting here that cocktail emergencies need not be a hardship.  In fact, a Raspberry Martini is probably one of my favourite cocktails. So much so, that I may possibly need to remember to pick some up tonight on the way home...

Raspberry Martini from diffords guide

10 Raspberries
2 1/2 shots Vodka
1/2 shot Sugar Syrup

Muddle raspberries in a shaker to crush them, add the other ingredients and shake.  Fine strain into martini glasses to remove the seeds.  Garnish with 3 raspberries on a cocktail stick.  Unfortunately, frozen raspberries are very soft when defrosted and may fall off.  If it is a cocktail emergency you won't care, or, if it's a serious emergency, you probably won't have bothered with a garnish at all!

*NB: Diffords Guide uses a shot measure of 25ml.  Sugar Syrup is made by dissolving granulated sugar in water in a ratio of 2:1.  Heat the water while stirring to dissolve the sugar but don't let it boil.  If you have syrup leftover it will last in the fridge for quite a while.  


  1. Hey Rachel, your bf put me onto your blog, and have to say loving your restaurant review and cocktail recipes!Keep it up :) For my part, I'll harass your bf all day on instant messenger and insist he take you out to more lovely restaurants, so i can live vicariously through your blog ;)


  2. Hi Claire, thanks a million for your comment, I'm delighted you're liking the blog! Please do harass the bf. Constantly. Especially about the Greenhouse, which is a new place I'm dying to try!