Friday, 20 April 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

The Old Reliables

As you may have gathered we do a fair bit of cocktail making in the privacy of our own homes, but sometimes the need for a cocktail is so overwhelming that we don't even make it home after work. So where do we go when we need an emergency cocktail? We want to introduce you to our reliable spots (in Cambridge and Dublin) for a life-affirming cocktail.

Cambridge: The Snug

I'm normally too busy drinking to take pictures so I had to borrow this pic from their website
I wrote recently about the amazing cocktail experience I had at the 12A club. This was definitely the best cocktail I have purchased in Cambridge but as I am not actually a member there I don't think I can have this as my top choice. No, as anyone who has ever come to stay with me will testify, my favourite Cambridge cocktail location is The Snug on Lensfield Road. Part of a small chain of pubs, with five additional locations including another in Cambridge near the Grafton Centre, they serve very tasty food (the burgers are a favourite with The Husband), have a great selection of wine, both by the glass and the bottle, and offer free refills on most soft drinks.  Importantly they have an extensive cocktail menu. All the cocktails I have tasted are properly put together with no short cuts and are very reasonably priced (average £7.50). 

The Snug is where I discovered the French 75, where The Husband first discovered his love of a pink cocktail and where we got engaged after way too many martinis. I love it here.

Dublin: The Exchequer

I am just as big a fan of The Snug as Aoife is and it is on our must visit list every time I am in Cambridge; a visit that usually ends up lasting much longer than we planned due to the influence of 2for1 happy hour!  Should they ever decide to set up on this side of the water (hint hint!) I'm sure it would be my watering hole of choice.  However, fear not, I shall not go thirsty while waiting for this to happen!

My favourite spot for a cocktail in Dublin has to be The Exchequer which is also an excellent Gastropub with a great value early bird. They have a fantastically creative barman in residence here as the cocktail menu is extensive and features mainly new creations rather than the old reliables, (though I'm sure they'd make you one of those too) and the cocktail names are just as inventive as the combination of ingredients they have used, 'I can't believe it's not watermelon' being one of my favourites!

I realised recently that my love of this venue is a little bit centred around one cocktail in particular, the Cucumber and Mint Daiquiri, which I would urge all of you to try immediately as it is so amazing; a summer's day in a glass is how I would best describe it.  So, in the interests of doing proper research for the blog (I'm very dedicated) I have recently resisted the Daiquiri and ordered more widely and can report that everything has been sublime and a fairly reasonable €9 for cocktails of this quality.


  1. That Daiquiri sounds delish, I will have to try it soon!

  2. Let me know when you're going, I'm always free for Daiquiri O'Clock!

  3. Ahh The Snug! I can never remember leaving there or exactly what cocktail I have ever had to recommend but what I can tell you is there is a lasting feeling that it is THE place to go for a cocktail! Personally, I blame Aoife's husband :)