Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Views and Reviews: Dillinger's

Lunch at Dillinger's

I have to admit that this felt quite bold.  Easter Sunday has always been a day for a big family meal for me.  This year, however, we found ourselves with both sets of respective parents absent.  Now, it would never have occured to me, because it's Not Something You Do on Easter Sunday, but the boyfriend had the inspired idea of going out for lunch. 

We hadn't booked anything, in fact, I was quite convinced nothing would be open, but we set off to Ranelagh as a)there's quite a few restaurants we'd like to try there and b)all those restaurants are concentrated in a small area limiting the traipsing from one closed sign to another we might have to do.  We settled on Dillinger's, it being the second open place we found and we'd already eaten in the first (fyi Kinara Kitchen, very nice).  Technically, we ordered off the Brunch menu but, as neither of us ate anything remotely brunch-y, I'm reviewing it as lunch.

Neither of us fancied alcohol, though I did covet another table's Bloody Mary, so we both ordered Ginger Beer which was thoughtfully served with a shot of fresh lime.  This was my first try of Fentiman's and I will be seeking it out in future, it was deliciously fresh and I loved the dinky little bottle, though you would definately need a glass of water on the side if you were in any way thirsty!

There were lovely, seasonal, specials on offer including a version of Egg's Benedict that came with Purple Sprouting Broccoli, and Crab croquettes with cajun remoulade.  I can normally never pass by any kind of crab without ordering but I was tempted by the Hot Smoked Salmon Caeser Salad and especially the accompaniement of house pickled onion.  I received a veritable mountain of salad with lots of salmon, beetroot, crispy croutons and a punchy horseradish sauce but the onion was the absolute star of the show.  It was wondrously pink, sharp, and had a delicious anise flavour.  My only issue was that it was obviously a 'magical replenishing salad' as I ate, and ate, and ate and there was still loads left! Not the worst complaint I guess! 

The boyfriend went with the classic burger and fries.  The chips were thin and very crispy and the burger was moist, with lovely bacon and cheese.  It was precisely how a burger and fries should be. Yum.

We both decided to go for desserts, I had spotted baked cheesecake almost as soon as we walked in!  Unfortunately, I obviously got excited at the prospect of cake and forgot to take any pictures of them.  He went for the Pecan Pie which had a crispy base and gorgeous, gooey caramel with lots of Pecans crammed in amongst it.  My cheesecake, unfortunately, did not live up to expectations as it was quite bland.  It was touted as honeycomb but there was very little evidence of this other than a little scattering on top.  I also thought the desserts were touching the expensive side at approx €7 each.

Dillinger's dining room has the look of a lot of effort having gone in to making it looking like they made no effort at all - some of the vintage school chair-style chairs look decidedly uncomfy! However, it does have a cosy atmosphere even though it wasn't busy when we visited.  I did wonder what the noise level might be like at busier times as some of the tables are very close together.  I shall let you know after we have been back for dinner, which will be soon: the boyfriend spotted lamb shanks on the menu...!

Lunch of two mains, two desserts and two soft drinks came to €45 excl. service.

Dillinger's, 47 Ranelagh, Dublin 6.
01 497 8010


  1. Ooh love a bit of Ranelagh action. How fab would it be to live there...!

  2. Would love it! But potentially v bad for the bank balance!