Friday, 4 May 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

How to handle cocktail emergencies: Lesson Three

Rachel, Dublin

Is it a universal rule that the first few days back to work following a holiday are some of the most busy and stressful you will ever encounter? Or is it simply that the switch from sipping cocktails to knocking back gulps of coffee between clients is a shock to the system? Probably it's a bit of both but, either way, I have the post-holiday blues.

Thankfully, I realised that I could recreate a little taste of my holiday with only a 5 minute detour to the shop on the way home.  My mission was to try to capture a little bit of the glamour of the delicious Bellini that I had enjoyed at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin only a few days before so I scooted in to the supermarket and grabbed a bottle of Prosecco and a tin of peach slices in syrup.

Tinned peaches, like frozen raspberries, should be a staple storecupboard ingredient for anyone who fears they may one day suffer a cocktail emergency.  They will sit for eons in the back of your cupboard bothering no-one and will then whizz to a purée in seconds with the most basic of hand blenders.  Indeed, I had them ready so fast for this cocktail that I felt I could spend some time practicing my sugar rim coating skills on the champagne glass.

All that was then required was to add puree (which I had blended with about 2tbsp of the syrup from the tin) to the glass, top up with prosecco, garnish with mint and suddenly I had a cocktail in my hand less than 15 minutes after arriving back to the apartment!

Now, obviously, if this had been a serious cocktail emergency I probably would have just swigged the prosecco from the bottle without bothering with all the peach-faffing. However, that wouldn't have quite hit the mark with the holiday style glamour I was trying to recreate and, while I didn't have 25 degree weather and a view of the Brandenberg gate, this cocktail hit the mark flavour-wise and made relaxing on the sofa with the view of the main road outside a little more exciting!

The IBA states that a Bellini should be made with a proportion of 2:1 Prosecco to Peach Purée.  I found that this was a little too much peach for my tastes but it is easy to top up with prosecco as you like.  One bottle of prosecco and one tin of peaches is enough for about 5 cocktails.

PS: For those of you reading this in Ireland I bought 'Sachetto' Prosecco in Dunnes for an extremely reasonable 6.99 making these cocktails less than €2 each; ever so slightly less than what the Hotel Adlon was charging for theirs!! Cheers!

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  1. Looks gorgeous! That prosecco is great value, always a favourite when I'm home.