Friday, 18 May 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

The Classic Cosmopolitan

Rachel, Dublin

When it comes to choosing your Fabulous Friday Cocktail sometimes the only thing that will do is the reliable tastiness of one of the classics. My favourite classic cocktail has to be a Cosmopolitan. I can easily drink far more of these than is healthy or sensible which Aoife can attest to; I was very hungover for her hen party - Bad Bridesmaid!

A poorly made Cosmo is a nasty affair, usually features bottled lime juice, and appears on too-cheap-to-be-good happy hour menus.  A good Cosmo however is a delicious balance between sweet and sour with the distinctive but not overpowering hum of alcohol in the background. I have tried out quite a few recipes in order to perfect my Cosmo making and I prefer the recipe below from Shaken as it provides reliably delicious and wonderfully pink results.  I have also found that the ratio of ingredients has conveniently stuck in my head  and they can therefore still be made fairly accurately even when you're on to number three!

Cosmpolitan (Makes one)

45ml Vodka
30ml Triple Sec
15ml Cranberry juice
10ml Lime juice
Orange peel for flaming (If you're feeling fancy) or an orange peel twist or lime slice to garnish

Some people may scoff at the idea of measuring cocktail ingredients precisely and are from the school of thought of 'sure just lash in a load of booze'.  While I can certainly get to this point later in the evening I  like to at least start the night with a nicely balanced cocktail that isn't too heavy on the alcohol taste.  This is why I love my small, but indispensible, piece of kit on the right - it is a tiny graduated measuring cup and cost about €1.50.  It means that you can measure quantities as small as 5ml fairly accurately and you can do all your measuring using the one thing limiting washing up which is always a bonus at Cocktail Hour!

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