Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fabulous Friday: Time for Wine

Rachel, Dublin

What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a cold, crisp glass of white wine on the balcony?  I have to be honest and say that I selfishly debated whether to mention this wine on the blog as it often appears to be in short supply in the off licence, however, it really is too good for me not to pass on the tip.

The wine in question is Delheim Chardonnay Sur Lie and it is single handedly responsible for changing my opinion about Chardonnay.   The 'Sur Lie' refers to the fact that it has been left to mature on its lees or spent yeast cells and this results in a complex wine with an incredible smokey flavour alongside soft fruit notes and is a world apart from any of the cheap and nasty chardonnay that I drank during my student days.  It is available for what I consider to be a very reasonable price for the quality (€16.99) from O'Briens who do a much better job of describing it here.

After double checking for the blog that the wine was as good as I remembered  we may have also made our way through a bottle of Mojito Fizz (It was hot. We were thirsty.) from Marks and Spencer which I was really pleasantly surprised by. It's essentially a wine spritzer with Mojito flavours and would be a good option for anyone looking for a lower alcohol content as it's only 5.5%. The mint flavour was really refreshing and I thought this was an excellent tipple for a hot day. This was a gift so I can't tell you the price but it was also very enjoyable.


  1. I hear Chardonnay and instantly think "holy hangover batman". Will definitely give this a try though (maybe as a post pay day treat!). Have to say that i'm a firm fan of M&S cocktail mixes for a quick and easy treat. I think they average at around €6,99. Keep up the blogging Rachel. Its a great read :)

  2. Thanks Claire, it's great to hear you're enjoying the blog. Know what you mean about the hangover - I'm trying to be a bit more sensible in my wine drinking and do the quality over quantity thing but judging by the head on me today I need to work on this a bit harder! Apparently the Mojito Fizz isn't being stocked at the moment but Marie @ Yummeelicious told me there's Elderflower instead which I shall have to try out soon!