Monday, 7 May 2012

Views and Reviews: Inder's Kitchen

Aoife, Cambridge

Our most recent order from Inder’s Kitchen was well deserved. My lovely friend Ann was staying with us for the weekend and for some reason we had signed up for a 2.5K swimathon on the Saturday evening. We knew that by the time we finished we wouldn’t be able to speak, let alone decide what we wanted for dinner, so after a breakfast of drop scones (essential carb loading) we got our dinner ordered. The fantastic Inder’s Kitchen website gives you the opportunity to order in advance (up to a month as far as I could see!) and choose the half hour delivery slot that suits you. Personally, I love not having to talk to anyone in order to get takeaway food. The only difficult part of ordering was that we couldn’t have everything (there were only three of us after all). In addition to a variety of chicken and lamb dishes they have a great selection of vegetarian options (five main courses), plenty of seafood dishes and game when in season.

Eight hours later, our swim was done and our aching arms were just about holding our glasses of cava upright. Thank God for pre-ordered take-away. What always impresses me about the food from Inder’s Kitchen is the quality of the meat and the high meat to sauce ratio. The free range chicken thighs in the homestyle chicken curry were incredibly tender and a vast improvement on standard take away rubbery chunks of chicken breast. The slow cooked lamb and chickpeas was pronounced delicious by The Husband, who doesn’t even really like lamb. The spring vegetable khorma was declared the dish of the night by Ann and the side dish of okra stir fried with onions was spicy and taste bud enlivening. The rice was light and fragrant and the breads (paratha and chapatti) satisfying. Slightly less successful were the two starters we ordered. Although tasty, even the short time between kitchen and plate meant that the crispiness of the potato bonda had been lost. The tandoor cooked giant mushrooms were far spicier than expected from their menu classification and were too much for me, although The Husband loved them.

Inder’s Kitchen is certainly the best takeaway I have had in Cambridge. I also think it is great value. We spent £45 on two starters, three main courses, one side dish, two rice and two breads which was enough for dinner for three starving adults and lunch on Monday for me. Their fantastic website makes ordering enjoyable and they even take back your plastic cartons and ensure they get recycled. Now I just need to take on some new sporting challenge and earn myself another feast.

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