Friday, 1 June 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

How to handle cocktail emergencies: Lesson Four

Cocktail leftovers reborn

Aoife, Cambridge

The fact that I can write this post at all must mean I have got old and sensible somewhere along the way. Leftover cocktails?... What are those? Indeed, the younger, crazier me would have taken it as a sign of massive personal weakness that there was alcohol left in the house at all, let alone cocktails that were mixed up and ready to go. Sooner or later, I will find myself imbibing one small sherry of a Saturday night but thankfully we are not there just yet.

I had ended up with leftover cocktail as I have got in the habit of making a jug of cocktail for the evening and then just shaking a portion over ice when required. Its a very efficient method particularly if you are entertaining. Obviously you'd rather have too much than too little so on (disgracefully small) number of occasions I have ended up with some left over cocktail mix at the end of the night. As I hate throwing anything away, I just pop it in the freezer in a little tub.

Picture the scene: Saturday evening and we had just returned from slightly overdoing it at a wedding on Friday night. A combination of a lingering hangover, tiredness from the long drive and the hot sticky weather left us desperately in need of something revitalising. However, that morning I had made the fatal mistake of saying “let’s not have anything to drink tonight, we will feel so much better if we don’t”. So, as we shopped for BBQ ingredients we dutifully kept well away from all the fun aisles. Of course once the BBQ was lit and I was up to my elbows in marinade all I wanted was a cold beer or a chilled glass of wine or a margarita. I almost cracked and sent The Husband out for supplies (he was not keen) and then, LIGHTBULB!, I suddenly remembered the tubs hiding at the back of the freezer. One of them looked like a traditional margarita (yes!) and the other one was something pink so probably a variation on my rhubarb margarita. Anyway, it was perfect for The Husband whose fondness for pink drinks is well documented. I whizzed them both up (separately) with my handheld blender as I couldn't wait for them to defrost.

This process probably isn’t ideal for delicate flavours or cocktails made with expensive boutique spirits. The fresh lime juice in both of these definitely lost something during the freeze, thaw cycle. However, an alcoholic slushy is no bad thing on a hot sticky day when you just can’t be bothered to make anything from scratch or your other half is reluctant to go to the shop for you. I plan to continue with this piece of domestic sluttery and if you ever find yourself with any leftover cocktails I recommend you try it. They certainly hit the spot when I had my latest cocktail emergency.

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