Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

Lemongrass Sour

Rachel, Dublin

I came across this recipe when I wanted to serve a Thai themed cocktail to go along with a meal I was making for some friends. I loved the idea of the lemongrass infused vodka and also thought this would be great for using up my remaining stalks which only seem to be sold in enormous bunches in the asian market.

I realise that cocktails involving infused spirits  aren't suitable for a spur of the moment Fabulous Friday cocktail.  They require a little bit of forward planning and preparation, about 3 days worth in this case.  The good news is that 3 minutes of work on a Tuesday is all that's necessary for you to be ready to mix and pour a delicious and unusual cocktail on Friday evening.

This was my first experiment with making my own infused spirits and I was extremely pleased with the results.  Infusion is something that I know the other gastro girl, Aoife, has been experimenting with and hopefully she'll share some of her creations here.  It certainly opens up options for creating new and unique, and hopefully tasty, cocktail creations.

Lemongrass Sour (from Shaken)

Makes One:
45ml lemongrass infused vodka*
15ml cointreau (I used De Kuyper Triple Sec)
15ml sugar syrup (explanation of how to make this here)
30ml ruby grapefruit juice
Dash lime juice (I added this to the recipe as I felt it needed a zing)
Small stem of lemongrass to garnish

*Bruise two stems of lemongrass by hitting them with the back of a knife blade so that they split open slightly. Place them in a one litre bottle of vodka for 3-5 days. Store in a cool, dark place and give the vodka an occasional shake.  When the flavour has become as intense as you would like, strain out the lemongrass and it's ready to use.

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