Friday, 29 June 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

How to handle cocktail emergencies: lesson five

Infused spirits

Aoife, Cambridge

I think we have have all had moments when you just have to have a drink right now. Not in the 20 minutes it will take The Husband to come back from the shop with a bottle of wine; not in the ten minutes it will take to fanny about with proper cocktail ingredients but right now, this minute. You could just neck the hard stuff straight from the bottle but here at gastronomicgirls we are dedicated to helping you keep up appearances. On such desperate occasions infused spirits, simply served over ice, are your only man. They've got serious alcohol content combined with great flavour and fabulous colour; they even look like a cocktail already. If anyone asks what you are drinking, give it a name and mutter something about a secret recipe.

The glass above is rhubarb vodka over ice from just such a desperate moment (well actually this is the second glass, the first one got drunk before a photo could be taken). Currently in my cupboards I have home-made rhubarb vodka, home-made elderflower liqueur and some raspberry gin from Edinburgh Gin. Any of these would be perfect for this easy "cocktail". Obviously you could use regular, unflavoured gin or vodka but unless you have very high quality spirits hanging around your house that's a bit too close to bottle in a brown paper bag territory, even for me.

Grasp receptacle (I've chosen a crystal tumbler to give some class to the proceedings but I don't think I'm fooling anyone).
Fill with ice.
If you have a lime or lemon with easy reach add a slice and a squeeze, if not don't worry.
Slosh in as much of your chosen spirit as you need.
Repeat as necessary.

All of the major labels seem to do a range of infused/flavoured vodkas. I rather like the fun of making my own (I also like knowing what's gone in to them). Just remember to stock up.
Clockwise from left: rhubarb vodka maturing; rhubarb vodka over ice; raspberry gin over ice.

Posts coming soon on my experiments with rhubarb vodka and elderflower liqueur.

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