Friday, 22 June 2012

Fabulous Friday: Seasonal Cocktail Hour

Elderflower Cordial Cocktail

Rachel, Dublin

I went on my very first solo forage this week, I've been Aoife's foraging assistant before, all the way to... our apartment building's carpark!  I possibly got a little excited at how much elderflower is in such close proximity and  collected too much, resulting in a huge quantity of cordial (post on how to make the cordial coming soon). 

I thought a cocktail would be an excellent way of using up some of my over supply but most of the recipes I found required just a dash of cordial, I was looking for something where elderflower is the star of the show.  Then I came across this recipe by Clodagh McKenna and I thought that anything involving Bacardi and Elderflower cordial in equal (large) measures has to be a good thing.

To make one cocktail:
60ml White Rum (I used Bacardi)
60ml Elderflower Cordial
Mint Leaves
Water to top up
Lime wedge (If desired)

Mix the Bacardi and Elderflower cordial in a tall glass with ice and top up with water.  The recipe just uses the mint leaves as a garnish. I popped a few extra mint sprigs in as I thought  they'd be a nice addition to the overall flavour. I also gave a wedge of lime a squeeze into the drink and added the squeezed wedge to the glass.  I used sparkling water to top my cocktail up as I thought it would give it a nice bit of extra jazziness.  This proved to be a very refreshing cocktail and was certainly made extra tasty knowing that one of the ingredients was free!  

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