Monday, 25 June 2012

Summer Harvest: Strawberries

Fresh from the allotment

Aoife, Cambridge

It's the first full summer with our plot on the allotment site on Fanshawe Rd here in Cambridge. It's a wonderful space to relax and unwind and all my hard work (or The Husband's hard work, we have a strict digging/planting divide in this relationship) is rewarded with tasty, fresh fruit and vegetables. You can expect quite a few posts from me this summer detailing what I have grown and how I have eaten it. I had to start off with the first handful of strawberries we picked yesterday.

There wasn't enough to do anything too unusual with them. What I really wanted was my mum's dish of strawberries marinated in Monbazillac but I didn't have any of the wine in the house. It got me thinking about marinating though. Those close to me will know I have been a little obsessed with rhubarb vodka lately (post coming soon) and it's pink colour and delicate flavour seemed just the right partner for these few precious berries. Some chopped mint from the balcony and a sprinkle of sugar and our desert was done. I would highly recommend this as method of preparing strawberries. The dish itself was light and delicious while the vodka left over at the end pepped up Sunday evening nicely. Definitely worth experimenting with further once I get some more berries.

I got my plot through Cambridge City Council. See here for more information.

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