Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bites and Pieces: Plate Lickers Supper Club

Aoife, Cambridge

I'm still not sure how I convinced The Husband to go. Phrases such as "supper club" and "girls I've never met but know on twitter" tend to make him suspicious that he will be forced well outside his comfort zone. It's a credit to the tasty food, the wonderful atmosphere that Jo and Ivana created and possibly the alcohol that he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I've been looking forward to the evening since Jo and Ivana first announced their new venture. The venue for last night's meal was St Paul's Church on Hills Road; I was delighted to discover the meal was to be served in the church itself. The stained glass windows lit up by late evening sunshine were definitely a step above a candle in an old wine bottle. All of the food was delicous but special mention has to go to the pork belly which was, truthfully, the best I have ever had. The gooseberry relish was an excellent accompaniment. Nut stuffed baked peaches were a big hit with The Husband who intimated he would be quite content were I to attempt to recreate them.

We had great craic on our table of ten (mostly) strangers. Steph definitely won the prize for coolest story (she had sailed around the coast of Africa in a replica Phoenician ship). My terrible photos really don't do the evening justice. Please do another one soon!

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