Friday, 13 July 2012

Fabulous Friday: Rhubarb Cocktail Hour

Aoife, Cambridge

Today's Fabulous Friday post is not a specific cocktail recipe. Instead it is an exhortation to make a batch of a cocktail ingredient that might just change your life. Along with elderflower liqueur, rhubarb vodka has been one of my most successful experiments this year. This infused spirit really captures the flavour of rhubarb and adds a wonderful colour to cocktails. I've already mentioned how good it is served simply over ice but you could use it in place of plain vodka in almost any cocktail recipe.

It's very simple to prepare. I've made several batches of this so far and despite my best intentions I haven't been able to keep it for longer than a couple of weeks. If any readers with better self control have experience of longer maturation times, I would be very interested to hear about it. I've just started a new batch using gin, it's early but it's tasting fantastic. Rhubarb is still available in my local farm shop so you should still have time to make a batch. Look out for some further Fabulous Friday posts using this wonderful ingredient. 

Use your weekend wisely: make some rhubarb vodka!

750g rhubarb
375g caster sugar
1L vodka 

Prepare the rhubarb and cut into batons approximately an inch long. 

Place in a sterilised sealable jar and add the sugar. Seal the jar and give it a good shake to coat the rhubarb with sugar. 


Leave it to sit for about two days, you'll be amazed at the amount of pink juice that comes out of the rhubarb. Add the vodka and leave to infuse for at least two weeks.

Rhubarb vodka to the left, rhubarb gin to the right

Strain through a sieve lined with muslin (or kitchen paper) to get all the little bits out and leave it crystal clear. Pour into a sterilised bottle and seal. If you manage to keep it for longer than a week or two you are a better person than me!


  1. I'm not sure i'm patient and organised enough to prepare the above. . . although any more recipes regarding gin based cocktails would be welcome - or uses for frozen forest fruits since thats all i ever have ;)

    1. It really is easy - a nice project for all the rainy days we have been having!

  2. i think Im going to have to have a go at this. Was very interested in the strawberry dimension. I'll find it much easier to "sell" the rhubarb in conjunction with Strawberries I reckon.

  3. Also made same this year -beautiful to look at and what an amazing flavour! I used Diane Henry's book 'Salt Sugar Smoke'. Lovely blog :)