Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer Harvest: Potatoes and Courgettes

Aoife, Cambridge

We are starting to get a regular trickle of produce from the allotment now. With the reappearance of the sunshine in the last couple of days I'm expecting to get overwhelmed with courgettes soon. After a satisfying potter around our plot on Sunday afternoon I wanted to keep on top of my expected glut by eating up the baby courgettes. I couldn't resist picking some courgette flowers and The Husband insisted on digging up a few potatoes (we are Irish after all). I didn't have the time or the inclination for faffing around, stuffing courgette flowers so I settled on a kind of baked fritatta. As our grill is broken at the moment (I normally do a fritatta in the pan and finish off under the grill) I baked it all in the oven which actually made it even easier.

Ingredients (enough for two greedy people's dinners and one lunch)
7 small-medium potatoes
5 small courgettes
6 eggs
10 courgette flowers
50g cheese
Lemon thyme
salt and pepper

I gave my potatoes a scrub (they are young and delicious so don't need to be peeled) and steamed them until they were tender. I prepared my baby courgettes (thick-ish slices, length-wise) and tossed them with some olive oil, salt and pepper in a baking dish:

I cooked them for fifteen minutes at 200°C (fan oven). Once they were done I added the sliced cooked potatoes, six beaten eggs and some lemon thyme (the first herb I came across on the balcony):

I popped the dish back in the oven and baked it until the egg was almost completely cooked. I then topped the dish with the courgette flowers and large amounts of grated cheese ( I used whatever I had in the fridge which was the last of a delicious Coolea my wonderful friend yummeelicious brought me over from Ireland recently). Although I used a relatively hard cheese I think this would work really well with mozzarella or something melting. 

I returned it to the oven for 10 minutes or so. Just enough time to melt the cheese and have the flowers wilt a little.  The courgette flowers really add a spicy depth to this dish. If you have a surplus of them (and can't be bothered stuffing and frying) its definitely worthwhile trying them in something baked. I'd rather like to try them on top of a pizza as well (I will find time to make pizza soon). The finished dish didn't look that pretty but it was delicious and an accompanying salad with other edible flowers from the allotment . It was all washed down with a glass (or two) of Tio Pepe Fino En Rama (nice review of a tasting from The Cambridge Wine Blogger here) on the balcony in the sunshine. 

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