Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Views and Reviews: Good World Chinese Restaurant

Delicious Dim Sum

Rachel, Dublin

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the series 'Gok Cooks Chinese' on Channel 4 recently.  I'd had my doubts about him making the transition from fashion to (stir) frying but the recipes all looked fresh, light and full of flavour and I invariably ended up starving by the end of the show.  Indeed, I was in such a bad way after watching his dim sum favourites that even the arm of the couch started to look tasty.  Dim Sum has to be my favourite way to eat Chinese food as it satisfies both my fondness for meals involving lots of little dishes and my passion for dumplings! 

Only one thing that would cure my craving, a trip to my favourite Dim Sum restaurant in Dublin, the Good World.  Luckily, a weakness for dumplings must be genetic and my mother was a willing accomplice for a dim sum feast on a recent Sunday lunchtime.

The Good World is always hopping on a Sunday and it took a little time to attract the attention of our waiter and a bit more after that to convince him that we wanted the proper menu (ask directly for the Dim Sum menu).  The menu is extensive and, while we try to be as adventurous as possible, the presence of things like chicken feet on the menu does mean that we stick a little bit to that which is tried and tested!   We ordered six items, trying to have a balance between steamed and fried dishes. 

Our favourite dumpling is the 'Dragon Ball' which is a scallop, prawn and sweetcorn steamed dumpling topped with orange rice vermicelli.  We love the look of these and the sweetcorn adds a great dimension to the flavour and texture. 
The Char Siu Puff is normally a staple on our order but we decided to shake things up and went for the Char Siu Bun instead.  The sweet, fluffy bun was a perfect vessel for the pork as it soaked up all the tasty barbecue sauce.  Another favourite, the Cheung Fun (pictured left above), is a squidgy roll of steamed rice pastry which comes with a variety of fillings, we chose prawn, and is served in a light soy based sauce.  We felt we should add a portion of stir fried pak choi (centre above) as something of an antidote to all the heavy, pastry based, dim sum. It was perfectly cooked as it retained some bite and was dressed in a light and flavourful sauce.  Finally, we rounded off with two types of spring roll, Chinese (above right) with a rich filling featuring chinese mushrooms and Vietnamese (below) which were wrapped in rice paper that was fantastically crunchy.  We were provided with three dipping sauces to accompany all our dishes and we rounded the meal off with lots of Chinese tea.

At the Good World you come for the food, not the decor, nor the desserts. The place is in need of a considerable facelift but it's nothing that a giant lick of paint wouldn't solve.  The dessert menu is of the laminated bought-in ice cream in a pineapple shell variety.  If you somehow have room and feel in need of dessert stroll around the corner to Murphy's on Wicklow Street for some quality ice cream.  I never need to do this though as I'm always stuffed to the gills on delicious dumplings.  The only problem with telling you all about them here?  I've made myself very hungry for more.

I know there are lots of new Chinese restaurants in Dublin, especially in the Capel/Parnell Street area.  I'd love to hear any recommendations or suggestions of other good places to try Dim Sum.

Dim Sum at the Good World generally come in portions of three and are priced between €3.50 and €4.50. Our six dishes and 2 large pots of tea came to €32.80 excluding service.  I would recommend reservations at Sunday lunchtime.

 Good World Chinese Restaurant
18 South Great Georges Street
Dublin 2
01 677 5373  


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