Friday, 3 August 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

Saturday Night Saviour

Rachel, Dublin

After a succesful dalliance with ginger beer last week I was inspired to seek out other tasty combinations in which to use my new favourite mixer.  Two of my girlfriends were very willing taste testers, more than happy to be guinea pigs if I was feeding them cocktails! 

I took my inspiration from this recipe but we found the ratio of ingredients they recommended a little off.  All we could taste was the rum and the lime.  It was effectively a Mojito, and a very tasty one at that; we were just missing the mint. Delicious, but not the result I was after.

For our second round I altered the quantities and I also switched from my bottle of Luscombe's Cool to their Hot Ginger Beer which carries much more ginger punch.  This combination was much more succesful but personally I could have done with even more of a ginger hit.  Next time I may add a slice of fresh ginger or even some ginger syrup (an inspired idea by the boyfriend).

You may wonder why I've decided to  call this the 'Saturday Night Saviour' when this is Fabulous Friday.  Well, firstly, the name of the recipe that I took the inspiration from was seriously dull.  Secondly, one of my guinea pigs had the unenviable task of having to work all day last Saturday (after working late all week) and seemed to be particularly in need of a pick me up cocktail so I thought the name was appropriate!

Saturday Night Saviour

45ml Bacardi
50ml Apple Juice
60ml+ Ginger Beer (I bought my Luscombe's in Fallon and Byrne)
5ml Lime Juice
Lime slice to garnish (optional)

Slice fresh ginger or ginger syrup to taste (suggestion)

Add ice to a tumbler, pour over the Bacardi, Lime and Apple juice, top up with Ginger Beer to taste, stir to combine.  Add some more ice if desired and garnish with a lime slice.

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