Friday, 24 August 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

Aoife, Cambridge

After going to the effort of making my own infused spirits (see here and here) I felt I had to actually use them. My lovely friend Ann spent the weekend with me and as well as making a serious dint in the rhubarb vodka bottle (served straight up over ice with flowers inside) she kindly helped me perfect a recipe using my elderflower liqueur. I had accumulated a mountain of lemons and limes after a few weeks in a row of visitors (lemons and limes are my cocktail bread and milk: I always get some in if guests are coming) so it seemed the perfect time to revisit the emergency cocktail I made for The Sister back in April. I was also keen to use some of my balcony jungle so I incorporated lemon verbena into the recipe.

The cocktail that resulted was just what was required after a day of 30°C heat. The aromatic lemon kick revived us and it had enough alcohol kick to get The Husband out of his cranky humour.

Recipe (makes one)
40ml elderflower liqueur (I used home-made, recipe here, but St Germain is available in most good off-licences)
15ml lemon juice
15ml lime juice
10-15 ml sugar syrup (I like it tart, others may prefer it sweeter)
small handful of lemon verbena leaves

Place the lemon verbena leaves (stripped off the stem) in your cocktail shaker and add the lemon and lime juice and the sugar syrup. Using a pestle, muddle the leaves into the liquid to try to release as much of their flavour as possible. Add the elderflower liqueur, a big handful of ice and shake hard. Pour into a chilled glass, garnish as you desire (maybe a lemon twist?) and enjoy.

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  1. I can testify that it was a delicious drink and refreshing in the heat wave!