Monday, 20 August 2012

Seasonal Ingredient: Courgettes

Aoife, Cambridge

In my first year allotment enthusiasm I may have planted slightly too many courgettes. I'm still relishing the taste of them: crisp, fresh and sweet. I haven't yet got to my saturation point but I'm sure it has to come soon. For anyone else experiencing a seasonal glut of courgettes, here are a few ideas for enjoying them.

Courgette muffins: I started with this recipe although I used 100g wholemeal flour and 125g plain flour in place of the 225g wholemeal flour in the recipe.

Two great recipes from Miss Igs: white courgette pizza and courgette and mint soup. I served the soup chilled and it was delicious.

Courgette and courgette flower risotto: I made a standard risotto base (detailed post coming soon) and at the end added courgettes that had been sweated down in olive oil along with the chopped flowers.

A mid-week supper trio (clockwise from top left): courgettes with quinoa in a chickpea sauce topped with tomatoes and toasted seeds; fried potato and courgette omelette, salad with raw courgette, fried potato, chorizo and cheese.


  1. Glad you liked my recipes. The risotto sounds delicious! I've always wanted to have a go at stuffing courgettes, have you tried?

    1. Your recipes are fantastic! Love a good risotto...
      I stuffed a large courgette the other day with some left over refried beans and feta cheese: very tasty. I think I will definitely be trying more combinations.

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