Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Taste Of Amsterdam

Aoife, Amsterdam

I've already mentioned the beers at my beloved windmill but I also have to share the food I love to eat, whenever I am in Amsterdam. The Husband was not going to be happy until we got our hands on some Vlammse frites and mayonnaise at the little window on Voetboogstraat (just off Kalverstraat, one of the main shopping streets). Very soon both our cones were looking like this:

Bitterballen, the dutch mystery food are always on my list, though I sometimes wonder if I am just using them as a mustard delivery system. Eaten alongside a cold foamy beer, they always hit the spot.

I also can't rest until I get a HEMA sausage or rookworst, the lovely girl who served us was particularly artistic with the mustard this time.

I ate about ten packets of stroopwafels (and a large hot one on the street in Den Haag) but I don't seem to have taken any pictures of them: too busy eating.

If you like soused fish you really can't beat dutch herring with chopped onions and pickle.

The stall in the Albert Cuypmarkt where we bought this is apparently one of the best spots in central Amsterdam to enjoy this. We also had some on our picnic in a boat around the waterways of WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden.


  1. Bitterballen! Soooo good! I want to go back to Amsterdam now!

    1. I know - I often think I could live there happily.