Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bites and Pieces: Durham Food Festival

Aoife, Durham

I can’t say I ever really get into a proper food rut but I’ve been busy lately and I haven’t had time to do as much food exploration as I would like. I needed something to inspire me. Happily, the universe conspired to get me to beautiful Durham on Saturday just in time to for two fantastic food demonstrations at the Durham food festival. 

First up was the entertaining chocolatier Paul A. Young. Within a short space of time we had learnt how to temper chocolate, how to make a water ganache and how to use chocolate moulds, including this fun haunted house. We also got to taste some amazing chocolates. The buttered Soreen malt loaf truffle pictured below, just before I scoffed it, was tea at your granny’s house reinvented hipster style.  Above all the wisdom Paul shared about buying chocolate was fantastically useful and I will be modifying my shopping habits accordingly (Lindt is overpriced and burnt tasting, most supermarkets have single origin bars that are much better tasting and value).

Signe Johanson’s session was completely different and introduced us to the basics of Scandinavian food and styles of cooking. I finally got to taste the amazing cinnamon buns I’ve heard so much about (worth the wait). Her talk also inspired me to think about curing my own salmon and reminded me how much I love herring. It was Signe’s tweet which alerted me to the festival in the first place so I am doubly grateful.

The Husband is looking worried: I’m busy ordering marble slabs for chocolate tempering and researching salmon cures. I’m refreshed, refueled and armed with some new additions to my ever expanding cookbook collection. I’m ready to experiment again.

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