Friday, 19 October 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

Rachel, Dublin

Alas, all good things must come to an end and, unfortunately, that includes my blackberry vodka.  As you will surmise from the relatively short amount of time that has elapsed between the current post and this one, it died a swift, yet noble, death in the form of many, many cocktails.

However, my taste for autumnal, blackberry flavoured drinks had been truly piqued so I found myself sorting through my cocktail cupboard lurkers for suitable ingredients.  A third of a bottle of ‘Boozeberries’ Irish berry liqueur (what a classy name) and my old reliable, frozen berries seemed like a good place to start.

This cocktail is very seasonally appropriate, not just for the use of dark, juicy autumn berries, but also because the fabulously rich, deep red colour could easily pass for something that Dracula might choose to order, should the blood bank ever choose to open a bar.  Change the name and you’ll have the perfect, gruesome cocktail for your Halloween party!

blackberry fizz (makes one)

50ml berry liquer/cassis
75ml vodka
Squeeze of lemon juice (approx 1 tsp)
8-10 fresh or frozen blackberries
4 slices of lemon, halved
handful of ice cubes
soda or tonic water

highball glass
boston shaker (preferably)
small sieve
straw (optional)

Place the berries in a cocktail shaker and crush them using a muddler.  Add the spirits, lemon juice and some ice and shake well.  Layer the halved lemon slices in a highball glass with ice.  Pour the cocktail into the glass through a fine strainer/small sieve.  It is best to use a boston shaker for this cocktail as the pulp leftover from crushing the blackberries can block the opening of a standard shaker.  Top the glass up with soda or tonic water and add a straw.

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