Friday, 26 October 2012

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

How to handle cocktail emergencies: lesson eight

Aoife, Cambridge

It was a Friday evening, I'd limped as far as the station on my way home after a long hard week. I knew I needed a cocktail when I got home. In fact, if there was a M&S in Stevenage station I would have had one of their jazzing "cocktails in a can" on the train. Now, I have pretty low expectations of the little shop in the station, but nestled amongst the microwaveable burgers and week old sandwiches I spotted these rather posh little juice cartons.

I knew the cupboard was bare at home so I snapped them up and spent my train journey home planning what to make. Of course the apple and rhubarb juice had to be paired with some of my rhubarb vodka. The apple and ginger juice was delicious with a (very) generous shot of bourbon. These juices are doing all the hard work. They taste incredible so all they need is an alcoholic kick and a few easy extras: plenty of ice, a slice of a slightly shriveled apple (i.e. the dregs of the fruitbowl) and the straw from the juice carton. Combined with some very easy nibbles (the last of my tomatoes and some homemade soda bread) and the perfect Friday evening reviver was created. 

Lesson eight: emergency cocktail ingredients can be found in the most unlikely of places, keep your eyes peeled and you never know what you might be inspired to create.

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