Friday, 16 November 2012

Fabulous Friday: Tequila Tasting at 777

Rachel, Dublin

It appears that I have spent my formative years as a tequila heathen.  Knocking back shots with salt and lemon, while very enjoyable at the time, was not the proper way to be enjoying tequila.  This is according to José, who led us through the finer points of tequila tasting at 777 on George’s Street on Wednesday, and I’m not going to argue with a man who has one of the best jobs ever, travelling the world promoting tequila. 

I was very interested to learn that tequila has protected designation of origin status, meaning that it can only be made from blue agave plants harvested in a distinct region of Mexico.  Tequila is a labour of love; each plant takes 7 – 10 years to mature and will only be used once meaning that each plant will produce a maximum of 7 – 8 litres.  The high cost of production has resulted in two main types of tequila, 100% agave and mixto, a blend of 51% minimum agave and other, cheaper, sugars.  

There are 5 categories of tequila, based on how long it has been left to age.  We tasted three: Blanco or Silver, bottled immediately after distillation, with flavours of white pepper and citrus fruits, this was my favourite; Reposado, aged for a minimum of two months in barrels, this was golden in colour and had flavours of warm spices and vanilla; Anejo, aged for a minimum of one year was darker in colour with characteristics of bourbon or whiskey and a spicy finish.

Tostados: One with crab and mango, the other with amazing wicklow venison

Pulled pork shoulder, steak with horseradish
José encouraged us to consider pairing tequila with food and 777 provided us with delicious tostados and taquitos for this purpose.  I love the fresh, vibrant flavours of the food in 777 and I was surprised at how well the tequila complemented the food without competing with the flavours.

As much as I enjoyed the tasting I don’t envision myself becoming a regular drinker of neat tequila. However, I can understand now how the use of different types of tequila would completely alter the flavour profile of a cocktail, from the crisp, fresh flavour of the blanco to the more rounded, spicy notes of the Anejo.  Some experimentation is required.

This was a really enjoyable event for the great price of €20 and 777 are hosting a Mezcal tasting tomorrow (Saturday), contact them on twitter @777Dublin to see if there are any places left.  I can also highly recommend staying on afterwards to indulge in some more of their amazing food and a margarita or two!

7 Castle House, South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2
(01) 425 40 52


Fabulous House Margarita at 777

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