Friday, 4 January 2013

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

Aoife, Sligo

Christmas in Sligo with my family, the first issue of Gin & It magazine and a bottle of Benedictine all inspired this weeks cocktail. According to our Christmas reading, Benedictine is one of the ingredients in a Sinapore Sling. Although we were able to get a bottle of Benedictine, the other ingredients (namely cherry brandy and Grenadine) were not so easily available in our beautiful West of Ireland town.

So no Singapore Sling for us but a Sligo Sling was crying out to be invented. Irish Whiskey and my mum's rosehip syrup gave the requisite Irish flavour. Sweet but complex and aromatic it was the perfect St. Stephen's Day pick me up.

Sligo Sling (makes 2 large or 4 small)

30mL Irish whiskey
10mL Benedictine
10mL Cointreau
60mL rosehip syrup
10mL cranberry & raspberry cordial
2 tablespoons pureed and sieved fresh pineapple
Squeeze lime
Squeeze lemon
3 dashes Angostura bitters

Combine all of the ingredients (in a beaker if you are a science nerd like me) stir with plenty of ice and strain into a prepared glass. My parents' fabulous collection of glasses means cocktail making at their house is a real pleasure.


  1. Hello fellow Sligo Girl! I could have totally recommended a few places where you could get the missing ingredients! not to worry, I'm sure the Sligo Sling is much better and hopefully it will boost some tourism like its singapore counterpart :)

    1. I didn't realise you were from Sligo! I can't really claim to be a Sligo girl, although my nana and grandad lived there and most of my aunts and uncles still live there, my parents only moved up about 6 years ago. Sligo always inspires me to create great cocktails....

  2. Yes, Sligo can sometimes turn you to drink! :)