Friday, 11 January 2013

Fabulous Friday: Vintage Cocktail Club

Baby Bliss and the Presbyterian

Rachel, Dublin

While I purposefully made no resolutions this year I mentioned previously that I did make a little promise to be a bit nicer to myself and to try to keep a lid on my stress levels, which took their inevitable leap skywards upon my return to work this week. I’ve decided that this promise effectively means that I’m allowed as many cocktails as I wish and what better way to get started than to have someone else make them for me in the gorgeous surroundings of the Vintage Cocktail Club in Temple Bar.  

Now, it felt particularly bold to be sitting in surroundings as sumptuous as this on a miserable Tuesday in January particularly when all anyone seems to be talking about are gym memberships and counting calories but as both our anniversary and my birthday fall in January I think we can justify this little excess!

The Vintage Cocktail Club is purposefully non-descript outside but attention to detail has obviously been paid to the interior and boded well for the quality of the cocktails we were about to order.  I read somewhere that VCC may be planning a menu change shortly, this may explain why the menus we were given were exceptionally well-thumbed and appropriately ‘vintage’.  As I read through their welcome note and the description of how they make all their own juices, cordials and syrups I thought that this was exactly the type of place that the Gastronomic Girls, pending a significant lotto win, should be opening in the future!

Dirty Wizard & Old Fashioned
I decided to go with The Dirty Wizard while The Boyfriend opted for an Old Fashioned made with Jack Daniels.  My cocktail combined house infused chilli vodka with citrus and berry flavours and a dehydrated gingerbread crumb rim.  The flavours were balanced perfectly and I loved the idea of using different ingredients, other than sugar or salt, to rim the glass.

For our second round I chose the Baby Bliss as I couldn’t resist the sound of the homemade beetroot, balsamic and strawberry cordial mixed with vodka and citrus while The Boyfriend went for the Presbyterian, a spicy mix of whisky, house made ginger beer and fresh ginger.  

The cocktails here are superb; original, well balanced and pleasantly surprising in some of their flavour combinations.  The surroundings and staff all added to feeling I had of being hidden away in my own cosy little cocktail wonderland.  The only downside with cocktails of this quality is often the corresponding price tag.  Our cocktails cost between €10.95 and €11.95 and the rapidly mounting bill plus the fact that The Boyfriend had been promised a feast of Chinese food at the Hilan meant that we called it a day at two.  I've already started planning my return visit for post January pay day!

Vintage Cocktail Club
15 Crown Alley
Temple Bar, D2
01 675 3547

Cosy Interior

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