Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Allotment Year

Aoife, Cambridge

I’m looking out the window on to a dark February evening and I’m dreaming of raspberries. Warm, fragrant raspberries, eaten straight from the bush. For me, they make all the digging, weeding and watering that goes into an allotment worthwhile. Maybe there is a stretch in the evenings but for me it is still allotment dreaming season and I can almost taste those raspberries and all the other delights of the growing season to come. At this time of the year I can let my ambitions far outstrip my fledgling gardening abilities. I am busy sketching out a grandiose vision and detailing wildly unrealistic plans. 

There are changes and uncertainties this year: a house move means saying goodbye to the sunny balcony that drew me into growing. I’m swapping it for a small courtyard garden but will it be the peaceful and secure haven my balcony has been? We have doubled the size of our allotment, so we have more room to try out different varieties of squash, attempt sweetcorn again (not a success in 2012) and of course increase the raspberry count. But I worry, will we be able to cope with it all? Have we taken too much on? It’s a year full of possibility: through territory unknown and uncharted I’m continuing on my gardening journey. As I sit here, surrounded by seed packets, my sketch pad and a box of potatoes, I’m almost ready for the year ahead. I just need a little more dreaming time first.

Allotment - Spring 2012

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