Friday, 22 March 2013

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour

Rachel, Dublin

This post is short and sweet, much like the cocktail that it is about. The Boyfriend's new toy AKA the ice crusher was purchased primarily so that he could recreate one of his favourite cocktails from The Exchequer, the Gingerbread Jack. He decided though that Jack needed an Irish cousin and so Gingerbread Séamus was born by replacing the Jack Daniels with Jameson.

As I look out the window today at torrents of rain of almost biblical proportions I find myself counting the minutes in work until I can dash home and enjoy the warming, gently spiced sweetness of this cocktail which seems perfectly befitting of what feels like a mid-winter's day. Five o'clock can not come soon enough!

Gingerbread Séamus

50ml Jameson
25ml gingerbread syrup (monin brand is good)
half a lime, cut into wedges
very large handful of ice, crushed

Add the lime wedges to a tumbler and use a muddler to crush them and release the juice. Add the crushed ice to fill the glass. Add the Jameson and gingerbread syrup and stir to combine.  Top up with crushed ice if necessary and add a straw.

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