Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cambridge Shop Local

Aoife, Cambridge

I used to be very disciplined about shopping local. When we first moved to Cambridge we would spend our Saturday mornings doing our shopping on Mill Road. Arjuna, Al-Amin, Northrop's, Hilary's and Limoncello were our usual stops. All of this would be fueled by coffee and cake from The Black Cat cafe and we would fit in a potter into the Amnesty book shop (the Husband's favourite) and The Old Chemist's Shop Antique centre (my favourite). But life has got busier along the way and in the last couple of years, this relaxed Saturday shop has been replaced by Tesco deliveries and last minute dashes to the Co-op. When I became aware of the challenge it was just the spur I needed to get back into the local shopping habit. 

However, we are still busy and time pressed. I can't promise to always have the time to spend my Saturday shopping. There didn't seem to be much point taking part if it was going to be unsustainable. So to help us out we have signed up to a local veg box scheme. Our first delivery arrived last week and I was very impressed with the range and the quality of the produce. For mid-week emergencies I am going to frequent (or send the Husband to) the Cambridge Farmer's Outlet on Lensfield Road, just around the corner from our new house. We currently get our milk delivered by Dairy Crest but I am going to try if I can find a more local supplier. Please let me know if you have any information on this. Hopefully the weekend will find me perusing the shops of Mill Road and chatting to the stall-holders at the market.

My favourite suppliers:

Cambridge Sunday Market
Brian and Angie Kearns from Hawthorn farm. Their free-range eggs (hen's and duck's) and chickens are gorgeous. Also an outlet for locally produced rapeseed oil. They are really friendly.

Mayflower organics. Great range of seasonal vegetables. 

Mill Road
Northrop's Butchers
Hot Numbers

Cambridge Organic Food Company


  1. Hey Aoife, this is fab, lots of handy places to note... I still haven't been to Limoncello, so I must go.
    Have fun this week! - Miss Sue Flay xx

    1. Ah Limoncello - I love sitting up at the counter there having an espresso and a custard tart - heaven!

  2. Thanks for the blog post - I followed your link to the Organic local veg delivery guys and think we might start using them. Looks great!!

    1. Ah great - I'm really enjoying the veg box so far - inspiring me to make quite different things for dinner!