Friday, 31 May 2013

Fabulous Friday: Rhubarb Cocktail Hour

Aoife, Cambridge 

A quick and easy cocktail this week. A rhubarb twist on the classic champagne cocktail. Incorporating one of my ever expanding collection of lovely bitters. A perfect summer evening apéritif, it also brightened up a gloomy May evening. 

rhubarb champagne cocktail (serves one)

1 sugar cube
3 drops rhubarb bitters
rhubarb vodka
sparkling rosé wine

Place the sugar cube in your glass. Place 3 drops of rhubarb bitters on the sugar cube so that it soaks in. Pour in some rhubarb vodka (if using a flute cover the sugar cube, if in a coupe then about half way up the cube). Top with sparkling wine (I used rosé to go with the pink colour of my rhubarb vodka).

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