Friday, 14 June 2013

Fabulous Friday: Cambridge Cocktail Hour

Aoife, Cambridge

I realised the other day that I rarely go out for a cocktail in Cambridge anymore. I'm enjoying the well-stocked cocktail den (the photo above just captures part of it) in the new house to much to bother. I do still have my favourites though. These are my top places for a cocktail in Cambridge, apart than my house. I really need to visit all of these again.

The Snug, Lensfield Rd. This is the first place we started going to regularly when we came to Cambridge and it's still one of our favourites. I have been known to run up quite large bills here (with help from The Husband and the other gastrogirl if she is in town). They know what they are doing with cocktails and the list is extensive. Two for one cocktails everyday from 3pm to 9pm (who doesn't like free cocktails?).

Hotel du Vin, Trumpington St. The cellar bar here is a very classy place to indulge in a cocktail. I had a Manhattan here at the end of a very boozy night with The Brother-in-law. Judging by the state of me the next morning it was definitely a mistake but it was a great Manhattan.

12A Club, Market Square. I've only been here on a couple of occasions but each time I have had joyous drinks. A step above anything else in town. I'm still considering joining this private member's club, I think it would be a better investment than my gym membership.
Alimentum, Hills Rd. Not strictly a cocktail bar, actually my favourite fancy restaurant in Cambridge. The cocktails are fantastic, though indulging in a martini followed by the fight of wines and topped off with a couple of pints at the Earl of Derby was certainly not wise. Not really the martini's fault though.
I keep meaning to try both The Varsity roof-top bar (if we ever get a summer) and 196 on Mill Road. I'm not sure what I have been doing with my time.

If you prefer staying at home and drinking fabulous cocktails come along to the Cambridge Food & Wine Society Cocktail Masterclass on Saturday the 15th July. We'll be showing you how to make some delicious summer cocktails including the CFWS signature summer cocktail which is currently in development.


  1. Re the Varsity - the best of luck in trying to get served. We ventured there for post-shopping drinks one sunny Saturday and couldn't get served for love nor money. We left sans cocktail. I'm pretty sure I recall one of Cambridge's best restaurants tweeting that they would no longer recommend it for the same reason. I'd love to hear they have mended their ways.

    I totally agree with you about fab cocktails at Alimentum and 12a (and yes, I wish I was a member too, but I don't have an existing gym membership to swap for it!).

    1. Oh that's interesting to hear - I HATE waiting to get served - i get so agitated. I'm still not sure if I could justify the club membership - I can't get over something in my head that it almost feels immoral to waste money on something like that....