Friday, 21 June 2013

Fabulous Friday: Cocktail Hour Nibbles

Sweet and spicy stuffed mini peppers

Rachel, Dublin

I'll hold my hands up now and admit that the vast majority of my cocktail hour nibbles posts are unlikely to include anything resembling much of a recipe. Instructions to stick skewers through things or, as in this case, stuff one thing inside another are far more likely. 

This, though, is the inherent beauty of the nibble; a little effort can go a long way, both in how it tastes and how much effort your guests will think you've gone to. These sweet and spicy little peppers stuffed with cream cheese will certainly impress on the taste factor (I'm not sure anyone could be convinced into thinking they were hard to make!)

I have made these before using the Peppadew brand of peppers which are available in the bigger supermarket chains, however these were made with a different brand that I got from Aldi recently and they were very good quality. The peppers tend to come in a thick, sweet vinegar so make sure to drain them thoroughly. Then, using a teaspoon, push small amounts of your favourite cream cheese inside until they are full. I made them using both plain Philadelphia and, my new favourite thing, Cashel Blue cream cheese (I resisted the urge to eat it directly from the tub with the spoon...almost). I think soft goat's cheese could also work nicely or you could flavour plain cheese with some crushed garlic and/or finely chopped herbs.

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  1. They look yum, pity I don't likt blue cheese though :)