Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ferry Building San Francisco

Aoife, Cambridge

Last night I dreamt I was back at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It was a Saturday morning and the farmer's market was in full swing. The heady scent of sweet peas and the rich aroma of Blue Bottle coffee came flooding back to me. When I woke this morning I was craving the coffee, Acme pastries and sweet, fresh cherries. 

We seemed to spend most of our breakfast and lunch times at the Ferry Building while we were in San Francisco. Even on days without the market there is a huge variety of food and drink to try. Mijita for Mexican food and Hog Island Oysters for seafood were two of our favourites. But it doesn't have to be fancy. When I close my eyes I can almost imagine I am back there, sitting on a bench in the sunshine, gazing out into the bay, with a cup of good coffee and some cherries by my side (and maybe one of those pastries).

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