Thursday, 6 June 2013

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Rachel, Dublin

I have to admit that it took some amount of effort to convince myself to come in out of the sunshine to write this post. However, I am consoled by the fact that this recipe is so quick and easy that, in the time it takes me to write this post, you could have all the necessary prep work done and already be looking forward to stocking your fridge with a jar full of juicy, flavoursome, slow roasted tomatoes.

I usually make this recipe whenever tomatoes appear on special offer in the supermarkets. In fact, I feel it is really the only fitting fate for these insipid, mealy, tough skinned tomatoes that are always so utterly disappointing otherwise. I know I shouldn't be expecting much when eating something that is so out of season but the quality of supermarket tomatoes really seems to have taken a nose dive in the last year or so. However, this recipe resolves all of this by transforming them into little bursts of concentrated tomato-y-ness!

These tomatoes will last in the fridge for up to a week and are incredibly versatile. I have used them in salads and pasta dishes, as a topping for a tart, or as a filling in a quiche. They even, as you will see tomorrow, make an incredibly quick and easy canapé to serve with drinks. It is worthwhile to take the time at the weekend to make a batch as they will keep you going for lunch and dinners for the whole week.

The recipe I use is this one by Ina Garten although I have lowered the cooking temperature to just 100ºC (fan) as I found the recommended temperature too hot, drying out the tomatoes rather than leaving them juicy. I also find it easier to to toss all the ingredients in a large bowl before putting the tomatoes in the roasting dish. I then use a spoon to drizzle the oil and balsamic left in the bowl into the upturned tomatoes.


  1. I quite like Nigella's recipe for "moonblush" tomatoes, which involves essentionally the same process of chopping cherry or plum toms, drizzle with balsamic and a sprinkle of brown sugar to caramelise and placing in a very hot pre-heated oven, which is then switched off and left overnight (hence moonblush). yum yum!

  2. Hi Claire, thanks for that, I haven't heard of that way of making them, going to look it up!