Sunday, 30 June 2013

Review: Legend of Kremlin Vodka

Aoife, Cambridge

Myself and The Sister were working hard last night; we put in some serious hours of tasting and comparing vodkas, all so you don't have to. The purpose of our hard work was to give a good trial to Legend of Kremlin vodka which was launched in the UK in 2012 and is available to buy in posh shops such as Harrods and Cambridge's own Cambridge Wine Merchants. I was recently sent a sample and decided to save the testing experience for when The Sister was visiting and we could have a bit of craic with it.

Fancy big bottle and equally cute mini bottle

We have good news for the Legend of Kremlin makers: we could tell the difference straight away between it and Russian Standard in a blind sniff and taste test. The Husband couldn't but as pink drinks are his main area of expertise we won't worry about that. Legend of Kremlin sells for about £30 per 70cl bottle compared to £18 for Russian Standard at a major grocery retailer (actually I got a litre for £16 the other day - bargain!) so this was definitely a good start.

Tasting the Legend of Kremlin properly, we felt it had all the oily, smoothness we associate with quality vodkas and had none of the harsh burn you get with cheaper brands, including my beloved Russian Standard. I would happily use Legend of Kremlin vodka in a martini for my connoisseur father. On this occasion we used the rest of the sample in a simple cocktail: vodka, orange bitters and soda water. The metal straw seemed to fit the Russian theme somehow.

Legend of Kremlin won eleven “Grands Prix” and nine Gold Medals at Russian and international competitions and has received the accolade "Purveyor to the Kremlin" which allows it to feature the exclusive Romanoff Imperial Crest (very snazzy). If you are looking for a quality vodka and fancy some Imperial-style glamour in your life, Legend of Kremlin is the bottle for you.

Look out for further exciting posts in the series "The Maxwell Sisters drink vodka and like it".

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample of Legend of Kremlin vodka for review purposes. My opinions are my own and I have not been paid to give them.

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